Some of the services we offer include:

Online Ordering

Place your order conveniently online or submit a quote request anytime.
Note: For the best prices, always call us for a quote over the phone.

Stock & Release Programs

You can reduce costs and guarantee timely shipments.  Precision Screw Products can manufacture material to your specifications, hold this stock and release inventory at dates you determine, for up to 12 months.


Precision Screw Products is an industry leader in the poly bagging of fasteners and components.  Our high-speed, state-of-the-art packaging equipment automatically count your desired quantities of single or multiple parts, package them in poly-bagging with heat sealed seams, and print identification information.

Large Kits are also our specialty.  We pride ourselves on timely deliveries, accurate counts and quality packaging – all available to you at competitive pricing.

Samples of our packaging available upon request.

Quality Machine Shop Serving Your Special Needs

Services include:

  • Cut off & chamfer

  • Drilling & tapping

  • Slotting & grooving

  • Threading

  • Cross drilling

  • Milling

Precision Screw Products’ wide variety of custom services include supplying “hard to find” items and special prototypes.

Custom Head Painting & Fastener Assembly

The assembling of neoprene or EPDM metal-backed washers is now available to our customers.  Call or fax for a quote on assembly or head painting.

Self Locking & Self Sealing Solutions

Precision Screw Products offers a wide range of fastening and assembly related services directly related to fastener locking, sealing, bonding, thread masking, nylon patching and pelletizing.

Contact us today with any of your fastener needs.