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Precision Screw Products offers a complete line of standard as well as custom fasteners.  We can manufacture almost any item and have suppliers ranging from domestic cold headers, screw machine, importers to numerous overseas factories.

All fasteners are available in a variety of materials:

Stainless Steel
-18-8 ST/STL
-304 ST/STL
-316 ST/STL
-410 ST/STL
-17-4 ST/STL

  • Brass

  • Aluminum
  • Silicon Bronze
  • Copper
  • Nickel-Copper
  • Phosphorous Bronze

All types and grades of carbon and alloy steels.

Precision Screw Products can furnish Dimensional Inspection Reports, Physical and Chemical Reports, and Certificates of Compliance upon request.

Product Line Categories

Hex Cap Screws
Square Bolts
Hex Bolts
Heavy Hex Bolts
Structural Bolts
Square & Hex Lag Screws
Hex Flange Screws
Square Neck Carriage Bolts
Fin Neck Carriage Bolts
Ribbed Neck Carriage Bolts
Elevator Bolts
Slotted Cap Screws
Socket Cap Screws
Shoulder Screws
Full Thread Studs
Double End Studs
Weld Studs
Square Nuts
Finished Hex Nuts
Finished Hex Jam Nuts
Heavy Hex Nuts
Structural Nuts
Slotted Hex Nuts
Hex Flange Nuts
Machine Screw Nuts
Wing Nuts
Locknuts (All Types)
Set Screws
Square Set Screws
Sheet Metal Screws
Thread Cutting Screws
Thread Rolling Screws
Type U Drive Screws
Thumb Screws
USS Flat Washers
SAE Flat Washers
Fender Washers
Spring Pins
Cotter Pins
Machine Screws






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